The Hill Reports that Trump is Sending Kids to Internment Camp; Rage Ensues

June 12, 2019Jun 12, 2019

One of Washington, D.C.’s most popular news outlets, The Hill, sparked quite the liberal outrage on Wednesday after they wrote a tweet making it sound like President Trump was going to send migrant children to a dreaded World War II prison.

The Hill tweeted, “Trump administration to send migrant children to a former Japanese internment camp,” above a photo a mother and young girl being questioned by a Border Patrol agent.

But the actual headline of the story the tweet linked to when clicked on gave a little bit fuller picture, reading, “Trump administration to send migrant children to Army base once used as Japanese internment camp.”

And the story itself revealed more.

Current U.S. law dictates that unaccompanied — abandoned — children who show up at the U.S. border must be sheltered by the U.S. government. However, so many unaccompanied minors have been showing up that space is running out at the normal shelters.

Thus, the Health and Human Services Department is going to use the Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma as an emergency shelter to house the kids. The base, built in 1869, just happens to have been used once as a World War II Japanese-American internment camp.

Oh, and guess what?

The Obama administration also used that former internment camp as a shelter in 2014. That kind of changes the story. Task & Purpose further detailed that the Obama administration housed 2,000 migrant kids for several months at Fort Sill.

But some liberals reacted in fury to The Hill’s tweet — as well as Time’s tweet — without reading the full story, apparently.

“This is sick,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom cried. “We will look back at this moment in time and ask ourselves what we did to put a stop to these horrific, inhumane policies. Speak up. Speak out. Be on the right side of history.”

Liberal Muslim activist Linda Sarsour declared, “History is repeating itself on OUR WATCH. Remember that. We can’t say we did not know.”

“The internment of Japanese Americans is a stain on our history,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted. “It abhorrent that 75 years later, this administration now wants to hold migrant children in one of those same camps. We will look back on Trump’s racist child prisons as an abomination.”

So...where was the outrage when President Obama did the same thing?

Most of the replies to The Hill’s tweet, however, were from people bashing the news outlet for being so misleading and biased against Trump. It certainly didn’t help The Hill’s reputation with people who are now lumping them in with the “fake news” mainstream media.

Even the photo The Hill used in their tweet was misleading since it showed a minor who is clearly not unaccompanied.

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