The Numbers Are in for Peter Fonda’s New Film After Perverted Attack on Barron Trump

June 28, 2018Jun 28, 2018

Actor Peter Fonda’s new movie, “Boundaries,” reportedly made a measly $30,395 after opening this weekend. The box office bomb comes one week after the actor launched a vile attack on President Donald Trump’s son, Barron, and the first lady.

The actor called for the president’s 12-year-old son to be kidnapped and put in a “cage with pedophiles.”

“We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant a**hole she is married to. 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country," Fonda tweeted.

The actor later deleted his tweet and apologized for the “vulgar” remarks.

"I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television. Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far,” Fonda said in a statement. "It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused.”

First Lady Melania Trump immediately moved to protect her son and reported Fonda to the Secret Service over the perverted threat.

However, it seems moviegoers didn’t forget, and the box office numbers for his new movie show it.

"Boundaries" boasted a per-screen average of just $6,079, according to the Wrap.

Many conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr., supported a boycott against Fonda's film.

“You’re clearly a sick individual and everyone is an internet badass but rather than attack an 11 year old like a bully and a coward why don’t you pick on someone a bit bigger. LMK,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Trump Jr. then retweeted this "boycott alert.”

It's unclear if activism played a significant role in the movie's poor box office numbers. Either way, it seems Fonda's film is a failure.

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