‘The View’ Slams Hillary Clinton for Defending Bill in Lewinsky Scandal, Changing the Subject

October 15, 2018Oct 15, 2018

On Monday’s edition of “The View,” co-hosts Joy Behar, Abby Huntsman, and Meghan McCain all tore into Hillary Clinton for her defense of sexual misconduct allegations against her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

On an interview with CBS on Sunday, Hillary was asked if she thinks that Bill should have resigned following his scandal with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Absolutely not,” replied Hillary, stating that Lewinsky was an adult at the time. She then dodged the following question on whether it was an abuse of power by asking why no one was investigating allegations against current President Donald Trump.

The live audience on “The View” applauded Hillary’s answer, but co-host Joy Behar did not appreciate her answer. “What she just did is exactly what Republicans do, they changed the subject,” said Behar. “And that’s why we never get anywhere in the discourse.”

“You know you have a bad argument when your immediate response is ‘well, they were worse,'” co-host Abby Huntsman said.

“This highlights to me I think why some people struggled to vote for her, because you can’t have it both ways in her position,” Huntsman continued. “You can’t put yourself on a pedestal and be a leader for the feminist movement, and at the same time refuse to acknowledge the reality that you’ve lived with for all these years and stand by your husband. I don’t think she can have it both ways and she continues to try and do this.”

Behar then called Hillary “a victim of [Bill’s] stupidity,” and when the #MeToo movement was brought up, Behar said that Bill is “guilty.”

Co-host Meghan McCain then said that the Democrats should distance themselves as much as possible from the Clintons, especially now that the midterm elections are so close.

The fourth member of the panel, Sunny Hostin, was the only one to defend Hillary’s response, saying that Lewinsky indeed was an adult at the time of her consensual relationship with the former president.

Watch their full discussion on the topic in the video below:


Last week on “The View,” ABC correspondent Tom Llamas, fresh off a one-on-one interview with first lady Melania Trump, made a guest appearance.

When speaking about allegations of President Donald Trump’s infidelity, guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown accused Melania, Trump’s third wife, of being a former mistress of his.

“Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?” Brown asked. Later on in the segment, she added “allegedly” to her claim.

It didn’t take long for Brown’s comments to reach Stephanie Grisham, press secretary for Melania Trump. She did not hold back in her response.


“Day 2 of attacks from [The View]. [Yvette Nicole Brown] check your facts before you accuse someone of being a mistress,” Grisham tweeted. “She’s your [first lady] – she deserves your respect and certainly not your lies. Disgusting.”

Brown, however, did not back down from her mistress comments and doubled down on what she had to say.


“I stand by every word I said. My mom taught me that respect is earned. And thankfully we live in a nation – at least for now – where I don't have to bow down to dear leader or his third wife,” Brown shot back on Twitter. “And come for ME, [Stephanie Grisham], not [The View]. The views were MINE. I own them.”

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