‘The View’ Delivers Devastating Blow to Beto, Mocks Him off the Countertop

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

In what was probably supposed to be a pinnacle of his 2020 presidential run, Democratic candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke released his own Green New Deal on Monday.

But on Monday, the man who is used to rising above the crowd by standing on countertops, got mocked instead — and by liberals this time.

The women on the “The View” were discussing a series of posts O’Rourke wrote about the road trip he went on after his humiliating loss to Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas.

“Beto's coverage infuriates me on an almost-daily basis," co-host Meghan McCain said. "No woman could ever lose running for Senate and then go on a Jack Kerouac road trip, abandoning his wife and kids finding himself, then do an announcement on the cover of Vanity Fair. That's what he did."

“He left them and went on a road trip to find himself after he lost,” McCain continued angrily. “No woman could do this! And then he went on the cover of Vanity Fair and said he was born to run.”

“I believe if Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren had done any of those similar things, they would be lambasted in the media!” she concluded.

“Yeah,” her liberal co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed. “Because if you have children as a woman, you can go, but nobody will understand.”

“If you’re a grown---- man finding yourself after you ran, I don’t understand it,” McCain added.

As the audience and liberal co-hosts cheered McCain on, she commented, “I never get applause, so clearly people are agreeing with me.”

“Men are always like ‘Oh, I’ve got to find myself,’” Goldberg said in a mocking voice as she continued to join McCain in slamming O’Rourke. “But, women, you can’t just get up and leave your kids. People don’t care if you’ve found yourself if you have kids.”

“You find your kids, that’s what you do.”

Watch that segment of the show below:

Ouch! That’s not good feedback for O’Rourke at this stage in the game!

In a roundup of national polls, RealClearPolitics put O’Rourke at 6th place out of 16 candidates in mid-April. An ABC News poll released Monday had him doing only marginally better.

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