‘The View’ Insists Socialism Could Work; Meghan Absolutely Schools Them with One Question

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

Co-host Meghan McCain proved once again that she’s the only person that makes even short video clips from “The View” watchable for many Americans. During Thursday’s show, as posted by the Daily Caller, she couldn’t sit there at the discussion table and be silent when one of her co-hosts suggested that America might actually be able to function well if it exchanges its free enterprise capitalism for cradle-to-grave socialism.

Co-host Sunny Hostin, who has a background in law and journalism, suggested that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ socialist views were kind of “mainstream” now with its push for “Medicare for all, universal jobs guarantee, fully funded public schools, paid family and sick leave, housing as a human right, justice system reform.”

“That doesn’t seem so out there.”

If Meghan had been sipping out of the mug in front of her at that moment, she probably would have spit out her drink.

“She keeps completely biffing,” Meghan said about Ocasio-Cortez. “If you watch her clip from ‘The Daily Show,’ she can’t explain how we’re going to pay for it, which was also Bernie Sanders’ problem.”

“Everybody wants health care for everyone, if we had the means to,” she continued. “By the way, discussing socialism show triggers everyone in the world...I’m 100% against it.

“Bernie Sanders says, ‘Medicare for all would cost $32.6 trillion over 10 years,’ according to George Mason Center,” Meghan added. “I just believe that at a certain point, if you want this platform, fine. Explain how we’re going to pay for it. And if everyone who is for it, you have to 70 percent or 80 percent in taxes that they are proposing.”


“I don’t know if you have everything right there, Meghan,” co-host Joy Behar insisted.

“The stats,” Meghan countered, holding them up.

Then Joy tried to give a typical liberal comeback, saying, “A lot of these countries have similar tax rates that we have, and they are able to do a lot of that [government programs].”

“Small European countries that in no way—” Megan replied.

“Canada—” Joy started to say.

“I believe there is a reason why people in Canada come to this country to get better health care,” Meghan replied. “Because the quality is better. And no one can explain to me how the quality would ultimately suffer [if we don’t do universal health care].

“No one can explain to me how we’re going to be able to pay for it and how the quality won’t [go down].”

“I’m just trying to point out the realities of what it is going to cost,” Meghan said. “It’s not that my heart doesn’t open. I am realistic about what it costs.”

And that’s just one problem with socialism.

Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder explained very well why the Democratic socialism Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are popularizing has all the same problems of socialism:

And conservative radio talk show host and Prager University founder brilliantly explained why socialism is more selfish than capitalism:

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