‘The View’ Praises Acosta Reinstatement: ‘President Grumpy Man Baby’ Can’t ‘Poop on the Constitution’

November 16, 2018Nov 16, 2018

On Friday, a Federal Judge ruled in favor of CNN’s Jim Acosta after the White House took away his press pass for a verbal and arguably physical altercation during a press briefing last week.

The co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” praised the decision as a victory for press rights and the First Amendment.

“The First Amendment is alive and well now,” said Abby Huntsman. “That’s the decision that they should have made — and it’s still pending, they have to make a final decision, But I think that gives you a pretty clear sense of the direction they’re going in.”

“If you’re the White House, you may not like the guy, can’t stand him, but how are you surprised? Because what precedent would that set if they were to rule against this? How many passes could you take away from people? Where does it end?”

“I think what we are seeing, in this case, is the Constitution work the way it’s supposed to,” ana Navarro added. “We are seeing checks and balances. And why it is so important to have co-equal, independent branches of government that check each other and balance each other — which is where my Republican Party has failed abjectly in Congress.”

“They’ve looked the other way as Donald Trump has abused power. But you know what? Man, is president grumpy man baby gonna be mad today!”

“They can continue to do and conduct business as they wish, and I’m sure they will. But you can’t poop on the Constitution,” concluded Whoopi Goldberg.

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Prior to the judge’s decision, the co-hosts of “The View” put in their two cents of what they thought of the whole incident last week.

Abby Huntsman thought that “the country should be ashamed watching that,” but that Acosta shouldn’t be accused of assault.

“Watching it yesterday, I was frustrated,” Huntsman said. “I saw it from both ends and I was mad. It’s embarrassing for our country.”

Joy Behar claimed that it was all a diversion to distract us all from the Democrats retaking the House, Jeff Sessions forceful resignation as Attorney General, and other Trump Administration-related news.

Meghan McCain agreed with Behar, saying, “That’s not wrong,” but criticized Acosta for “grandstanding” and saying it was inappropriate of him to push away the White House staffer.

McCain also said that if all the roles were reversed and an Obama White House staffer snatched away the microphone from a disruptive conservative journalist, the left would choose the side of the staffer and blame the journalist just like the White House today has done with Acosta.

Sunny Hostin chimed in saying that it was “despicable” for White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to try and frame Acosta for assault.

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