Thugs Intimidate Elderly Woman for Flying U.S. Flag Until Hero Steps in to Shut Them Down

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

An incredibly disturbing incident has come to light after a video surfaced of what appears to be two anti-Trump men demanding that an elderly woman take down the American flag she was flying from her porch.

The Independent Journal Review brought the video to light Wednesday after it was posted on YouTube by the Common Sense Conservative channel. No information is provided on when and where this incident took place, but the content is deeply troubling for any American-flag-flying patriot.

“Quit seriously attacking her for no reason!” a woman can be heard yelling as she holds her camera while approaching a man on the sidewalk who is wearing an “[Expletive] Trump” shirt that pictures a crude gesture.

“You came at her and started yelling at her for no reason!” the camerawoman shouts at him.

“I already asked her to take her flag down at night, three days ago,” the man insisted.

“Absolutely not! That is not your right!” the woman angrily responds.

“Actually, it’s against the law,” the man wrongly claims.

According to CNN, it’s not against the law for a private citizen to fly the American flag at night but rather a “universal custom.” Flag etiquette requests but does not require that flags be illuminated at night if they’re not lowered at sunset.

“No, it’s not [illegal]. You need to leave her alone! “This is her house!” she says as she swings her camera toward her neighbor’s house where a woman stands on her porch with a U.S. flag proudly displayed.

A second man with an anti-Trump shirt walks up to defend the first man.

“I’m all the way a block away, and he’s screaming at her for no reason,” the woman says, standing up to both men now and blocking them from getting closer to her flag-flying neighbor’s house.

“Look, what she’s doing right now is illegal!” the first man insisted, even though the sun hadn’t set yet.

“Are you kidding me?” the woman demanded. “She’s actually flying a flag!”

“Four days ago, I came out, and it was out at 2 o’clock in the morning,” the first man explained. “I asked her to put it away.”

“How is that your business?” the woman simply asked, causing the man to turn around and walk away.

“It’s illegal. I’ll call the police if you want!” the man turned back around to shout.

“Good!” the woman said. “Please see what the police officers have to say about her having an American flag outside her freaking house!”

Take a look at the video below:

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