WATCH: Dem Rep. Tlaib Humiliates Herself, Botches Trump Impeachment Announcement

March 07, 2019Mar 07, 2019

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of the new radical Democrats in Congress, made a fool out of herself on Thursday as she announced she would lead the charge to impeach President Donald Trump.

Proving just how inexperienced she is, Tlaib struggled to even find the words “impeachment resolution” on Wednesday.

“Later on this month, I will be joining folks and advocates across the country to file the impeachment, um, ah, um, oh, my God, what is the expression?” Tlaib said, fumbling through her statement.

Someone had to help her out and give her the word before she could continue.

“The resolution – I’m sorry, I’m not in the Michigan legislature, ah, impeachment resolution to start the impeachment proceedings,” Tlaib added.

Watch the video below:

Of course, the important thing missing from Tlaib’s statement was any justification for trying to impeach the president of the United States.

Tlaib’s impeachment resolution will likely come after the conclusion of the Robert Mueller investigation, which reportedly found no evidence of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. Democrats were hoping there would be a smoking gun they could use as justification for impeachment.

However, it’s apparently not deterring Tlaib. She will attempt to impeach Trump without any evidence of wrongdoing. Even some Democrats are not on board with the plan.

"I did not get elected to spend the next 18 months on a political process of impeachment," Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) told CNN.

Good luck with that strategy, Democrats!

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