Top Dem Demands Mueller Report be Released Yet He Argued Starr Report Shouldn’t Be

April 11, 2019Apr 11, 2019

The Mueller Report has been released, and Democrats aren’t happy with it because it doesn’t show collusion between President Trump and Russia. Now they’re demanding to see the full report for themselves.

Attorney General William Barr is going through it and redacting classified information from the report before it can be released to those who don’t have clearance. It’s a standard government procedure.

But one top Democrat is demanding the Mueller Report be released now with no redactions at all, according to CBS News. The funny thing is, a few presidencies ago, he vehemently argued against releasing the Kenneth Starr Report detailing numerous accusations against then-President Bill Clinton.

“We are demanding and we have a right, Congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions whatsoever,” House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) demanded during an appearance on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

Yet back in the 1990s, he argued to Charlie Rose that the Starr Report “must be kept secret.”

“We are entitled to see it [the Mueller Report] because Congress represents the nation and Congress has to take action on any of it, so we’re entitled to see all of it,” he argued on Sunday.

But in the 1990s, he warned: “The entire Judiciary Committee is going to see it [the Starr Report] to decide what must be kept confidential in protecting the privacy of third parties. That means 50 people are going to see it, it’s going to leak out, and those privacy rights are going to be violated.”

“He has said he will redact four classifications of information [in the Mueller Report],” Nadler said on Sunday. “Our position is that he should redact none of it.”

But back in the day he argued against releasing the Starr Report because “it represents statements that, which may or may not be true, by various witnesses, salacious material, all kinds of material that would be unfair to release.”

Watch conservative media analyst Mark Dice’s video mashups of Nadler’s two contradictory arguments about releasing and not releasing reports on presidents to the public:

And here are those two videos separated in their original context:

Dice also referenced an astounding Newsweek story all about people who are dying and the biggest thing on their minds appears to be whether or not they’ll live long enough to see the Mueller Report.

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