Trump-Accusing Porn Star Stormy Daniels Arrested While Performing at Adult Club

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

Porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at Sirens Adult Entertainment Club in Columbus, Ohio early Thursday morning.

Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, confirmed the arrest on Twitter.

Source: Jackson Pike Correctional Facility

“She was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner,” he tweeted. “Are you kidding me? They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this? There has to be higher priorities!!!”

“We expect her to be released on bail shortly. We also expect that she will be charged with a misdemeanor for allowing ‘touching.’ We will vehemently contest all charges,” he added.

However, the police reported quite a different story.

“During her performance, officers in the club said they witnessed Daniels using her bare breasts to smack patrons. The officers also said they observed Daniels fondling the breasts of female patrons,” 10TV reported.

The police report also claims Daniels held the faces of two officers, one male and one female, between her breasts when officers approached the stage. She also allegedly fondled another officer’s butt and breasts. That’s when another officer finally exited the club and requested assistance in making an arrest.

Daniels, who infamously alleged she had an affair with President Donald Trump, now reportedly faces three charges of "Illegally Operating Sexually Oriented Business - Employee Knowingly Touch Any Patron.”

Daniels was booked into Jackson Pike Correctional Facility at around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. She was released on a $6,000 bond.

Without any evidence, Avenatti claimed the arrest was a “setup and politically motivated.”

“It reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges,” he tweeted.

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