Trump Brings Rally to Standstill After Woman Faints, Crowd Goes Wild After What He Does Next

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

President Trump suddenly switched tracks on his Trump Train Thursday night during a rally in Pennsylvania when a woman in the front row started to toter.

According to the Daily Caller, the president was speaking to the crowd in Wilkes-Barre and talking about NATO when he paused mid-sentence as he noticed the woman fainting.

“Are you OK?” he asked, pointing toward the woman and alerting medical responders. “You alright?”

“We’ve got to stick with our people that wait here for hours and hours!” he told the crowd, which cheered in response.

“Are you OK, darling?” he checked again. “Good. She looks good.”

“We’ve got to stick with those people,” he addressed the crowd again. “Anybody in this front row, they’ve been here for many hours.”

“Thank you, darling,” he spoke to the woman, clapping for her as she appeared to recover a little. “Thank you.”

He then made her a special offer as she was led by responders out of the packed area.

“Come back, if you want. Come back after you get a little better. You come back, darling, OK?” he called out to her.

“Make sure she comes back. We’ll bring her up here,” he told his staff. “Beautiful, thank you.”

The audience roared its approval. Watch that moment below:

In the end, the woman didn’t feel up to going on the stage. During the rally, Trump stumped for Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Hazleton), who is running against incumbent Democrat Sen. Bob Casey Jr. According to Fox News, Trump said Casey is worse than an obstructionist and gave him a new nickname: “Sleeping Bob.”

Trump also took on the mainstream media again, noting that they wanted him to practically have a boxing match with Russian President Vladimir Putin and asking, “Whatever happened to diplomacy?”

Then he added, "And let me tell you, if I did go up and start screaming, they would have said, 'He was terrible! He was so rude! It was horrible! His performance was horrible!'" Fox News reported.

Watch the full rally below:

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