Even Liberals Praise Trump for Doing What Obama Refused to Do for Alice Johnson

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

President Donald Trump waded into the criminal justice reform debate after he commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson, who was previously convicted of a non-violent drug offense. The decision came after Kim Kardashian visited the White House to lobby for her release.

Johnson walked out of jail on Wednesday, and one of the first things she did was thank Jesus Christ and President Trump.


“I want to, first of all, thank my Lord and Savior, thank Jesus Christ,” she told reporters. “Without him, I can do nothing. But with him, I can do everything.”

She added, “I want to thank President Donald John Trump. Hallelujah!”

At the mention of Trump’s name, Johnson’s family erupted in cheers.


“Thank you for giving me another chance at life and restoring me to my family,” she said with tears in her eyes, still addressing the president.

Johnson also thanked Kardashian for her efforts, calling her a “little angel.”

“I feel like my life is starting over again. This is a miracle day,” she said.

Many Americans noted that former President Barack Obama had the opportunity to commute Johnson’s sentence, but he declined. Even liberals and critics of Trump expressed their disappointment in Obama and were forced to give credit to the president.

“As a liberal, I am embarrassed that it was not @BarackObama who did something about the unjust sentence of Alice Johnson,” liberal activist Carl Petersen said.





Did President Trump make the right decision in commuting Johnson's life sentence?

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