Trump Helps Shatter Glass Ceiling as Female Pick for CIA Director Confirmed

May 17, 2018May 17, 2018

President Trump helped shatter the glass ceiling Thursday after his pick for new CIA director was confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Gina Haspel will be the first woman to lead the intelligence agency.

Keeping America safe from enemies abroad is nothing new to the 61-year-old from Kentucky. She has gained a reputation for being tough on terrorists throughout a CIA career that spans three decades, according to Fox News.

She gained national attention when her connection to CIA “black sites” was revealed. Haspel was, and continues to be, on board with using waterboarding to crack the toughest of terrorists in order to extract information vital to America’s national security.

Because of loud opposition to waterboarding, though, Haspel agreed that that technique will not be used during her time in the CIA. She has been the agency’s deputy director for over a year.

Earlier this month, Trump praised Haspel as being “tough on terror,” adding that, “This is a woman who has been a leader wherever she has gone. The CIA wants her to lead them into America’s bright and glorious future!”

Upon her 54-45 Senate confirmation, Trump tweeted his congratulations to the new CIA director.

Haspel, the daughter of a U.S. Air Force airman, has received numerous awards and has been praised by former President George W. Bush and former CIA Director John Brennan, according to USA Today.

“Gina Haspel has a lot of integrity. She has tried to carry out her duties at CIA to the best of her ability, even when the CIA was asked to do some very difficult things in very challenging times,” Brennan recently said.

Haspel replaces former CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is taking the Secretary of State position vacated by Rex Tillerson.

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