If Donald Trump Doesn’t Fire Up Young People To Vote, Nothing Will, Says Jonathan Swan

November 02, 2018Nov 02, 2018

National political reporter for Axios Jonathan Swan said if President Donald Trump’s actions don’t fire up young people to vote in the 2018 midterms, nothing will.

“I was having lunch yesterday with a very well-respected Democratic strategist who is advising one of the key 2020 candidates, and he was worried about the early vote totals that are coming in and also a feeling that there is a soft enthusiasm for voting among younger voters,” Swan said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday.

“There’s a real concern that they’re not going to come to the polls and that it’s a lot of older voters on both sides that are coming out,” he continued.

Swan said if younger voters stay on the sidelines on Nov. 6, it will show they have been unaffected by the bombastic nature of the president.


“If the young people stay home given everything that we’ve seen and everything that the president has said and done over the last year and everything that we know that younger voters, when you survey them that they think and feel … if they don’t actually turn up to vote, I don’t know what’s going to be the thing that does it,” Swan said.

“What’s the tipping point pre-2020 that triggers them to actually turn up and go to the polls?” he asked.

Co-host Willie Geist closed the segment by saying NBC polling predicts there will be a depressed turnout among millennials and said it’s “not promising.”

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