Trump Grants Onstage Birthday Wish to 94-Year-Old WWII Veteran; Audience Erupts

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

A gathering of our nation’s war veterans was roaring with applause Tuesday as President Trump addressed them in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We don’t apologize for America anymore. We stand up for America,” Trump told the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention as thousands cheered. “And we stand up for the national anthem.”

The president’s words were met with tumultuous cheers and a standing ovation.

He also earned massive applause when he declared, “No American left behind” in reference to recovering the remains of fallen Korean war veterans, according to the Daily Caller.

Another truly touching moment, though, was when a 94-year-old World War II veteran took to the stage, standing next to the president.

“My children are watching me today, hopefully,” 70-year VFW member Allan Jones said as the crowd chuckled, “to know that their dad got to stand behind the President of the United States.”

Trump gave Jones’ shoulder a squeeze as the audience cheered. But then Jones had a special request the president wasn’t expecting.

“Mr. President, I want to ask you something,” Jones began.

The crowd laughed as Trump shrugged and gave a sheepish, worried grin.

“I’ve been told that I can never enter the Oval Office in Washington, D.C.,” Jones continued. “I’m going to be 95 years of age April 11th of next year. Hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the Oval Office to meet you.”

The audience erupted into tumultuous applause.

Trump immediately said yes and shook his hand, telling him, “Anytime you want.”

Watch that incredible moment below:

God bless our veterans!

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