Trump’s Hollywood Star Smashed to Pieces — The Best Revenge Is Who Has to Pay for It

July 25, 2018Jul 25, 2018

An unhinged suspect smashed President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star to pieces with a pickax on Wednesday.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and opened an investigation. It didn't take them long to find the perpetrator.

Police arrested Austin Clay, 24, on "suspicion of felony vandalism," CNN reported. Police said the suspect didn't reveal why he smashed Trump's Hollywood star, but the investigation is ongoing. Clay is being held in jail on $20,000 bail.

However, justice in this case will also come in another form.

Each Hollywood Walk of Fame star costs roughly $30,000 to install. Repairs and replacements can be just as costly.

It’s not President Donald Trump who is responsible for footing the bill — it’s liberal Hollywood.

The Hollywood Historic Trust will be stuck paying to replace Trump's star. It's unlikely the man who smashed the Hollywood landmark thought that far ahead during his destructive stunt.

"The best part about Trump’s star being destroyed is that it costs $30,000 to install one star and the Hollywood Historic Trust is responsible for repairs and maintenance, not Trump," one Twitter user noted.

Liberals in Hollywood might not think the vandalism is so funny when they realize $30,000 will be spent getting President Trump a brand new, shiny star.

Well done, Mr. Clay.

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