Trump Honors Marine Gold Star Kid in Memorial Day Speech

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

Despite all the negative coverage that President Donald Trump receives by the media, the kids don’t seem to be listening to the talking heads of the news channels.

At the White House on Wednesday, video of President Trump’s surprise hug from a boy in a wheelchair went viral. However, this is hardly the first time Trump has had a positive interaction with kids during his presidency.

Almost exactly one year ago, during the president’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day, Trump met someone truly special. Their meeting was so special to Trump that he brought it up again in this year’s Memorial Day speech at Arlington.

Christian Jacobs, then six years old at the time, was visiting his father’s grave dressed in a child-sized Marine Corps dress uniform when he met President Trump.

“He looked me square in the eyes and gave me a firm handshake,” said Trump. “That 6-year-old stood strong and tall and proud in front of the commander in chief just as his dad would have wanted him to be. It’s extraordinary.”

Christian’s father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs was killed during a training exercise on October 24, 2011. Christian was just eight months old at the time.

“Christian, your father is an American hero,” said Trump.

Christian visits his father often. Defense Department photographers have captured Christian and his mother visiting his father’s grave over the past few years.

You aren’t the only one with tears in your eyes…

In case you were missed the amazing moment mentioned at the beginning of the article about the boy hugging the president, watch it all unfold in the video below...

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