Trump Just Made a Huge Pro-Life Move Not Everyone Expected Him to Make

June 05, 2019Jun 05, 2019

The Trump administration just struck a huge victory for the pro-life movement, and it involves something not everyone is even aware goes on with the body parts of aborted babies.

On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services just axed $2 million in annual funding that had been awarded to the University of California, San Francisco for fetal-tissue research, the National Review reported.

The fetal tissue — aka the body parts of aborted babies — was being planted into mice in order to “humanize” them for more accurate testing of possible cancer and H.I.V. cures. It’s considered by proponents to be vital for saving the lives of “millions of Americans suffering from life-threatening and debilitating diseases,” Georgetown University professor Lawrence Gostin said.

But many people who have been advocating for the protection of babies in the womb consider it horrific that the bodies of aborted babies are being butchered for science — and with our taxpayer money, to boot. Plus, those researchers are essentially saying that abortion needs to keep happening so they have a steady supply of parts.

March for Life president Jeanne Mancini explained: “Most Americans do not want their tax dollars creating a marketplace for aborted baby body parts which are then implanted into mice and used for experimentation. This type of research involves the gross violation of basic human rights and, certainly, the government has no business funding it.”

“It is utterly dehumanizing to use a preborn human being as raw material for scientific experiments,” added The Catholic Association senior fellow Maureen Ferguson, according to The Daily Caller.

There’s also no consensus that aborted baby parts are necessary for the research that’s being done to cure diseases.

Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Dr. David Prentice said, “There are numerous ways to make so-called humanized mice that don’t involve aborted fetal tissue. Today’s move demonstrates NIH’s [National Institutes of Health’s] investment in scientifically-proven methods for research: adult stem cells, iPS cells, organoids, humanized mice constructed using postnatally sourced cells and improved non-human cell lines — just to name a few.”

A number of other fetal-tissue research grants will continue to be funded by the federal government, for now, but will be evaluated for whether or not they will be renewed.

In other abortion news, another Democratic governor has made a disturbing move against the protection of innocent life.

According to the Washington Times, North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature voted for a bill that would make it a crime for doctors and nurses to withhold treatment from a baby that survived a botched abortion. In other words, under the new law, medical professionals would be required to give born-alive babies the same level of care as they would give other patients, rather than letting the “unwanted” babies die in the corner from lack of basic care.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the legislation, and Republicans voted to override it, but enough Democrats banded together to defeat the override. The born-alive bill is now dead.

In vetoing it, Cooper claimed that existing laws already protect all newborns, but it appeared he was unwilling to put a measure in place ensuring that doctors will not abandon born-alive infants lest they face jail time.

But if the new born-alive bill wouldn’t have made any difference, if signed by the governor, then why is Planned Parenthood praising him for vetoing it?

Just the other day, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed that pro-life conservatives “couldn’t care less” about what happens to a baby after it’s born.

If that’s true, then why are pro-life conservatives the ones who are advocating for the lives of these babies after they’re born?

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