Trump Makes Reporters Laugh out Loud When Asked Questions About Mexico and Canada

August 30, 2018Aug 30, 2018

President Donald Trump announced a new NAFTA trade deal with Mexico on Tuesday in yet another move to help boost the booming economy. Negotiations with Canada begin next week.

On Wednesday, in a roundtable discussion announcing a grant for drug-free community support programs, President Trump was asked if he had spoken recently with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which prompted a funny exchange between President Trump and the reporter.

Watch what happened in the video below:

“I spoke to [Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] yesterday, we had a very good talk. I spoke to him a couple of times,” said President Trump.

“Hey, he called me, I didn’t call him,” Trump continued. “He was very nice. He couldn’t have been nicer. We’ll see what happens. I love Canada. You know what, I love Mexico, too.”

The reporter then asked if he preferred either Mexico or Canada over the other. “Like them both the same,” responded the president, as the entire room burst out laughing.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was also involved in a light-hearted moment recently.

White House press briefings are usually hectic scene without much time for any sort of brevity. This has especially been the case during Donald Trump’s presidency, as the press corps has been known to be especially aggressive.

On Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Sanders held one of the most anticipated press briefings of her career. Earlier in the week, former Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen both were found or plead guilty to a number of separate charges.

During all the commotion, something happened that made the usually stern Sarah Sanders crack a big smile.

Watch the video below to see what it was:

It was Sarah Sanders’s 100th White House press briefing of her career.

“Thank you, Sarah. I’d like to congratulate you. This is your 100th briefing, and there’s no way what you do every day is easy,” said Jake Turx, White House correspondent for Ami Magazine.

According to their site, the magazine is “a weekly publication distributed worldwide” that sets “a new standard in Jewish media.”

Sanders thanked the reporter with a smile before he immediately went back to business as usual with a question about the upcoming midterm elections.

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