Trump Mocks the Idea of Being Presidential by Pretending to Be, Crowd Roars with Laughter

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

Need something lighthearted? Try this one on for size.

Among the many criticisms lobbed at President Trump, one of them is that he’s just not very presidential. Those critics fail to realize that many of the people who elected Trump said one of the things they like about him is that he’s not very presidential.

Trump was at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Desantis in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday when he decided to play make-believe with the audience and show them what a presidential Trump would look like.

Take a look:

“It’s a lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do!” Trump told the cheering crowd. “Anybody can act presidential.”

He then donned a serious expression and started walking stiffly around the stage like a robot.

After a few seconds of shuffling around while the audience clapped at his performance, he tapped the microphone and said in a slow, stilted voice, “Ladies and gentlemen...of the state of Florida...thank you very much for being here.”

“You are...tremendous people,” as the crowd roared with laughter. “And I will leave now because I am boring you to death.”

The audience erupted.

There has never been, and they’ll never be again, another president like President Trump.

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