Trump Now Officially Has a GOP Challenger for 2020, and He’s Connected to Mueller

April 15, 2019Apr 15, 2019

President Trump officially now has a challenger for the 2020 Republican Primary, and it’s not an entirely unfamiliar face.

According to CNN, former 2016 Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld, 73, wants to beat out Trump for the Republican nomination and be the GOP’s choice for defeating the top Democratic presidential nominee in November 2020.

If you remember, Weld was the running mate of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who captured some interest in 2016 but became the focus of ridicule when he expressed no knowledge of the refugee crisis in Syria and weirded people out by sticking his tongue out while he talked — among other gaffes (see below).

Weld, a former attorney and Republican governor of Massachusetts, came across a little differently than his former running mate during his official announcement on CNN on Monday.

“I really think that if we have six more years of what we’ve had out of the White House in the last two years, that would be a political tragedy,” Weld told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t raise my hand and run.”

Tapper laid out some of the reasons why Weld’s bid is a longshot, to say the least. He pointed out that Trump’s re-election campaign has “raised $30 million in the first quarter,” the Republican party reflects Trump, and his support within the party is at “nearly 90 percent.”

“Do you really think you can defeat him in the primary?”

Weld expressed confidence that he could and criticized Trump for trying to politicize the rule of law. Weld worked in the Justice Department under President Reagan for seven years.

The Republican candidate didn’t lay out many of his views, other than to say he believes climate change is not a hoax and called himself far more fiscally conservative than Trump. He emphasized his position as a moderate and talked about how he wants to work with Democrats.

“I would have a bi-partisan cabinet if I get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” he said.

His almost-empty campaign website didn’t offer any more insight on the platform he’s running on, other than him being anti-Trump. A campaign video posted on the site was mostly a replay of his successful 1990 gubernatorial campaign.

Special Counsel Bob Meuller was Weld’s deputy in the Justice Department. Weld praised Mueller on Tapper’s show and says he thinks Trump can still get in trouble on more minor charges related to Mueller’s investigation.

Watch Tapper’s five-minute interview of Weld below:

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