Trump Orders Entire Motorcade to Stop When He Spots Heroes — This Is Leadership

August 05, 2018Aug 05, 2018

President Donald Trump was traveling in his presidential motorcade on Saturday when all the vehicles suddenly — and inexplicably — stopped.

At first, it wasn't clear what was going on as the motorcade and Trump's vehicle, known as "The Beast," came to a stop before arriving at Air Force One.

Moments later, President Trump stunned everyone by getting out of the vehicle and walking toward a group of firefighters who were watching the motorcade pass.

One of the firefighters who was video recording the motorcade reacted in shock when he saw the president.

"No, he's not," the firefighter can be heard saying in disbelief in the video.

Once it became clear that Trump wanted to greet them, the firefighters cheered and applauded the commander in chief.

"Thank you, men, thank you,”"Trump says as he shares every one of their hands.

Watch the incredible viral video below:

He then urged the firefighters to come in closer for a group photo. That's what real leadership looks like.

The reaction from Americans on social media was pretty much unanimous.

President Trump’s latest act of gratitude toward America’s first responders resonated across America and the video was shared by thousands on social media.

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