Trump’s Possible Pick for Next Chief of Staff Has Liberals MELTING DOWN

December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, as his next chief of staff following the expected departure of Gen. John Kelly.

Kushner, who currently serves as an adviser to the president, reportedly met with Trump on Wednesday to discuss the position.

Watch more from CBS News:

Trump told reporters earlier this week that he has narrowed down his list to five “well-known” and “terrific” candidates.
“We’re interviewing people,” he confirmed.

Predictably, the anti-Trump left went into full meltdown mode when he news broke.

Democrat Ted Lieu called the move “desperate” and claimed Kushner is in the “pocket” of Saudi Arabia.

“Also, can Jared Kushner be @POTUS Chief of Staff if he can't get beyond a medium level security clearance?” he tweeted. “And one more question. Do we want a Chief of Staff who is in the pocket of Saudi Arabia?"

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel went the more offensive route, using Kushner’s marriage to Ivanka Trump as a punchline.

“I guess the thinking is, if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country,” Kimmel said.

And on and on it went…

Who do you think Trump should pick for his next chief of staff?

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