In Surprise Move, Trump Redirects $1B to Build the Wall — Dems Shellshocked

March 25, 2019Mar 25, 2019

As Democrats were still reeling from the Mueller report on Monday night, President Donald Trump dropped another unexpected bombshell on them.

The Pentagon has notified Congress that Trump has authorized the transfer of $1 billion in funding to begin new wall construction at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Monday was a very bad day for liberal Democrats.

Inside Defense reporter Mallory Shelbourne reported that the funds are coming from Army accounts.

“The Pentagon is transferring $1 billion from Army accounts to Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities to build 58 miles of border fencing,” she tweeted.

It was just the latest instance of “winning” for Trump as he was officially cleared of Russian “collusion” allegations by Robert Mueller and his extensive investigation.

Democrats are still in disbelief.

Democrat Denny Heck even claimed on CNN that the walls are “still closing in” on Trump. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Making the day even worse for liberals, the Justice Department reversed course and sided with a court ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional, paving the path for the law’s demise.

“The DOJ previously argued in court that the law's pre-existing condition protections should be struck down. Now, the administration argues the entire law should be invalidated,” the Hill reported.

And we haven't even mentioned the fact that anti-Trump attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested on charges ranging from extortion to bank fraud.

Could the day get any better for Trump and conservatives?

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