Trump Responds to Roger Stone Arrest, Entire Internet Melts Down

January 25, 2019Jan 25, 2019

President Donald Trump responded to the arrest of his former associate, Roger Stone, on Friday — and it immediately made Twitter melt down.

Trump repeated his past claim that Robert Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt.”

“Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country! NO COLLUSION! Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers are treated better,” Trump tweeted.

He then asked: “Who alerted CNN to be there?”

Many conservatives on Friday were asking how CNN knew to be at Stone’s house with a full camera crew an hour before the FBI raid.

“CNN cameras were at the raid of Roger FBI obviously tipped off CNN...even if you don’t like Stone, it is curious why Mueller’s office tipped off CNN instead of trying to quietly arrest Stone; quiet arrests are more likely to be safe to the FBI and the person arrested,” Greta Van Susteren tweeted.

But CNN claims they noticed “unusual” grand jury activity and posted up outside Stone’s home on a hunch.

Shortly after his arrest, a message was posted on Stone’s Instagram page by “staff.”

“This morning's news is deeply saddening. Robert Mueller's early morning raid was straight out of the gestapo's playbook,” the post stated. “We must fight for Roger Stone... now more than ever. If they can do this to Roger... they are coming for us next! -staff”

Stone faces seven charges, including witness tampering and obstruction of an official proceeding.

What do you think about Trump's response?

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