Trump Reveals New Air Force One Design, and it Screams ‘America!’

June 13, 2019Jun 13, 2019

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos got a treat on Wednesday.

After getting to fly with President Trump on Air Force One, the president surprised him by giving him a first look at a redesigned presidential plane that Trump himself has had a huge hand in.

And it screams, “America!”

Gone is the “luminous ultramarine” that has accented the Boeings presidents fly on since the early 1960s. Trump previously referred to the pale blue as “Jackie Kennedy” color when he revealed that he wanted to give it a “more American” look.

Pale blue — or more specifically, robin’s egg blue — was an iconic color for the wife of Democratic president John F. Kennedy. First Lady Melania even wore something like it for her husband’s inauguration last year. But Trump reportedly doesn’t think the soft tone represents the U.S. well enough when painted on his plane. He wants something bolder.

Now the plane that is referred to as “Air Force One” whenever the president is aboard will be decked out in red, white, and blue if Trump gets his wishes.

One thing Trump probably won’t get, though, is to ride in it himself as president. The redesign, if approved, isn’t expected to go into service until after his possible second term.

The new plane is still a 747 but has “a much bigger wingspan” than the current Boeing, Trump told Stephanopoulos during an Oval Office interview, according to ABC News.

“We added things,” he also revealed. “And I got $1.6 billion off the price.”

“Everyone wants to know, is there a pod or not...that flies out of the back?” Stephanopoulos said, referring to a scene from the movie “Air Force One” starring Harrison Ford.

“No,” Trump said, “but I can tell you there are a couple of secrets I don’t think we’re supposed to be talking about.”

Watch that interview below:

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