Trump Reveals Surprise ‘Special Guests’ for State of the Union — Dems Will HATE It

February 04, 2019Feb 04, 2019

President Donald Trump on Monday revealed his “special guests” for Tuesday night’s State of the Union — and they include the victims that Democrats continue to ignore.

“This year’s guests come from all different walks of life, and each has an incredible story to tell,” the White House said in a statement. “Many have overcome exceptional hardship. Some have served our country in the Armed Forces or in law enforcement. Others have endured personal tragedy because of America’s broken immigration system.”

The statement added: “No matter their story, each guest has something important in common: They represent the very best of America.”

The White House statement goes on to tell the personal stories of two of Trump’s special guests, including plant worker Roy James and Army veteran Matthew Charles:

"They’re also resilient. Take Roy James. After working for 26 years at a sawmill in Vicksburg, Mississippi, he was told the facility would close its doors last May. His family had lived in town for generations and wanted to keep it that way. Thankfully, Vicksburg was designated an Opportunity Zone in President Trump’s tax reform law. The plant reopened, and Roy was rehired to oversee the whole facility.

Or Matthew Charles. After leaving the Army, Matthew fell into a life of crime. Arrested for selling drugs in 1995, he found God while serving his sentence and became a mentor and GED course instructor for fellow inmates. After more than two decades behind bars, on January 3, he became the first prisoner released as a result of the First Step Act."

Other special guests include Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong, relatives of Gerald and Sharon David, who were murdered by an illegal immigrant earlier this year in Reno, Nevada.

Democrats will be forced to sit next to the grieving family members knowing they are doing absolutely nothing to solve the illegal immigration crisis at the border.

Another special guest, Joshua Trump, has been brutally bullied because of his last name. But on Tuesday, he will be the special guest of the president of the United States and First Lady Melania Trump. Take that, bullies.

Check out the full list of Trump’s special guests here.

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