Trump Signs Executive Order Taking Away Job Security for Horrible Gov't Workers

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018

In another promise kept, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday making it easier to fire government employees for misconduct and poor performance.

The Trump administration is now using an actual "merit system," which will streamline the removal of bad federal employees. It has previously been extremely difficult to fire government employees for poor performance or misconduct.

It generally takes up to one year to remove a tenured federal employee for poor performance — and that doesn’t even include the 8 months on average that it takes to resolve appeals. Further, if you’re a private sector employee, you are 44 times more likely to get fired or laid off than a federal government worker.

That’s why Trump and his supporters call it "the swamp."

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Trump’s executive order streamlines the removal process for these underperforming workers and then makes it harder for said employees to hide it when they apply for employment at another government agency.

Government agencies will also have to go the extra mile and will be required to report disciplinary actions and management of bad workers to the Office of Personnel Management for publication.

Several of Trump's top supporters seemed excited about the new executive order.

Could it be that government workers will actually be held accountable under President Trump? It sure looks like it.

The president also signed two additional executive orders, one of which prioritizes the spending of taxpayer dollars and another that requires agencies to negotiate better union contracts in a more efficient manner.

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