Trump Smashes Scoffers, Says Incredible Economy Report is Just the Beginning of Greatness

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

President Trump just to a battery ram to the predictions of every naysayer who scoffed at the idea that his economy could see a growth rate of over 3 percent. They said it couldn’t be done, but he's well on his way to doing it.

“If Trump thinks he can get more than 3% economic growth, he's dreaming,” sneered columnist Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times in May of 2017

The Associated Press even fact-checked him this January with a headline that read: “So where is Trump’s 3 percent growth?”

Well, it may have taken some extra time, but it's starting to happen.

“I am thrilled to announce that in the second quarter of this year, the United States economy at the amazing rate of 4.1 percent,” Trump announced to reporters.

That’s the fastest expansion of the economy in almost four years, Fox News reported. Of course, that 4.1 percent growth rate only applies to this past quarter, not the entire year, but it's a fabulous number for the outlook for the rest of the year.

Then Trump said that this is just the beginning of greatness.

“We’re on track to hit the highest annual growth rate in over 13 years,” he continued. “And I will say this right now, and I will say it strongly, as the trade deals come in one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers. And these are great numbers.”

He added that President Obama’s and President George W. Bush’s economies averaged “just over 1.8 percent GDP growth,” noting that this new growth means tens of millions of new jobs.

“If the economic growth continues at this pace, the United States economy will double in size more than 10 years faster than it would have” under the previous two presidents, Trump declared.

And Trump wasn’t done yet.

“We’ve accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions,” he announced.  “Once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world.”

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