Trump Sneaks Away for Unannounced Trip in Rain, Shows Where His Loyalty Lies

December 17, 2018Dec 17, 2018

President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, braving the cold and rain to pay his respects to the fallen soldiers buried there.

The president visited volunteers with the non-profit group “Wreaths Across America” as they placed Christmas wreaths on all of the graves in a patriotic act of public service.

“They do a great job, a really great job. Thank you,” Trump said.

Trump's visit to the famous military ceremony was unscheduled and reportedly occurred at 2:15 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Watch more below:

Wreaths Across America has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, clearly grabbing the attention of even the president.

“Last year more than 75,000 volunteers placed wreaths at 245,000 Arlington gravesites,” Fox News reported.

The report added: “This year, the organization shipped a staggering 1.75 million wreaths to 1,640 locations that will hold ceremonies across the U.S., according to the Pentagon.”

President Trump honoring the U.S. military is nothing new. He has repeatedly gone out of his way to make sure the men and women serving in uniform know he supports them.

"It was my great honor to host a @WhiteHouse Conference on Supporting Veterans & Military Families," he tweeted earlier this year. "To everyone here today who has served our Country in uniform, & to every Veteran & Military family across our land, I want to express the eternal gratitude of our entire Nation!"

Thank you to all those serving in uniform!

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