Trump Supporters Kick White Nationalists Out of Rally — Media Won’t Show You This

January 25, 2019Jan 25, 2019

While the media continues to push its narrative that Trump supporters in MAGA hats are “racist,” one video that proves the opposite seemingly flew under the radar.

A group of conservative Trump supporters, many waving American flags, were caught on video kicking out a group of actual white nationalists from their rally.

“We’re not going to be associated with this,” one protester said.

“We’re not a racist organization,” another shouted.

Watch the video, which was being shared by some on Twitter on Friday, below (Warning: Strong language):

The footage itself is actually from 2018 and was taken during a “Occupy ICE” counterprotest organized by conservative groups.

Watch more footage here (Warning: Strong language):

However, while the misleading footage of the Covington Catholic school boys spread like wildfire and racked up millions of views thanks to the media, this video clearly didn’t receive the same amount of coverage.

Could it be because it shatters the media narrative that anyone who supports Trump is somehow racist?

Meanwhile, leftists, like CNN commentator Angela Rye, claim the MAGA hat is just as "triggering" as the KKK hood. It's no wonder people don't trust the media. 

Share the video if you know who Trump supporters really are!

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