Trump Tweets out Epic Victory Poster after Full Mueller Report Released

April 18, 2019Apr 18, 2019

The mainstream media was in a meltdown Thursday after the full Mueller Report was released. Some were struggling to find anything in the report that still looked negative toward President Trump, while others just vented their fury.

Trump, meanwhile, did a victory lap and posted an epic poster to commemorate the moment.

“No collusion. No obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats — Game Over,” his “Game of Thrones”-style poster read.

He also tweeted out an epic video of himself saying that there was “no collusion” over the past two years.

“I'm having a good day,” Trump told the crowd at a Wounded Warriors event on Thursday. "There never was, by the way, and there never will be. And we do have to get to the bottom of these things I will say. This should've never happened ... I say this in front of my friends, this should never happen to another president again. This hoax — it should never happen again.”

Conservatives reacted strongly, too, to the release of the full, redacted report.

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