Tweets of Cornbread and Bacon by Possible Trump SCOTUS Pick Make Mainstream Media Outlets Panic

July 02, 2018Jul 02, 2018

Mainstream media became very concerned about one of the potential SCOTUS nominees after looking through his social media history.

You might think he may have made some controversial comments about policies or inappropriate content, but you’d be wrong.

Apparently, the judge’s sense of humor is what has them concerned. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Don Willett is a fan of the “dad joke.”

Take a look at the “controversial” tweets and judge for yourself.

Justice Willett was even asked about the bacon tweet during his Senate confirmation hearing.

“As for the bacon tweet,” said Willett, “That was the day after the Obergefell decision was issued and it was my attempt to inject a bit of levity.”

“The country was filled with rancor and polarization. It was a divisive time in the nation,” he continued.

Since joining the 5th Circuit, Willett has not posted any new tweets.

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