UK Judge Orders Forced Abortion for Woman’s Baby Despite Her Objections

June 21, 2019Jun 21, 2019

A female judge in the UK has taken abortion to the next level and has ordered doctors to forcibly perform an abortion on a baby in the womb despite its mother’s objections.

If that sounds like pure evil to you, you’re not alone.

According to the Catholic News Agency, a developmentally disabled woman under the care of Britian’s National Health Service is 22 weeks pregnant. Her doctors reported her to the higher authorities, arguing that the woman would be better off if the baby was never born.

The woman, however, disagrees. So does her mother. They are both Catholic and of Nigerian descent.

Justice Nathalie Lieven agreed with the doctors and ruled on Friday that they must perform an abortion on the baby. The mother, who is in her 20s, does not get a say because the government has determined that she can’t make decisions for herself.

“I think she would like to have a baby in the same way she would like to have a nice doll,” the judge said, as if knowing the woman’s full mental capabilities and ability to love.

The pregnant woman’s mother, however, has already offered to care for her grandchild after it’s born. But Lieven argued that she’s already too busy taking care of her developmentally disabled daughter and won’t be able to properly take care of her grandkid as well.

In other words, they don’t think the grandmother can take care of two people at a good enough level for the government’s standards — thus, one of those two people must be killed.

Lieven argued that the baby, if allowed to be born, would end up in foster care, and that would be too difficult for the baby’s mother to handle.

“I think [the woman] would suffer greater trauma from having a baby removed [from her care],” she said, explaining that “it would at that stage be a real baby.”

The judge said the baby isn’t real yet because the pregnancy, “although real to [the woman], [she] doesn’t have a baby outside her body she can touch.”

“I have to operate in [her] best interests, not on society's views of termination.”

The Catholic News Agency noted that Lieven used to be a pro-abortion lawyer who once argued that abortion must be legalized in Northern Ireland because unwanted pregnancy is akin to torture. Wow.

Pro-life advocates were horrified by Lieven’s decision to force an abortion on an unwilling woman’s baby.

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