BOMBSHELL: Ukrainan Ambassador Reveals DNC Tried to Collude to Take Down Trump

May 03, 2019May 03, 2019

The office of Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly made a bombshell revelation this week, admitting that a Democratic National Committee contractor contacted the Ukrainian government looking for dirt on President Donald Trump.

The DNC insider, identified as Alexandra Chalupa, was reportedly looking for information about Paul Manafort’s business dealings in the country in an effort to take down Trump and force the issue before Congress.

“In its most detailed account yet, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country's president to help,” the Hill reported.

The report added: “Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign, the ambassador said.”

However, Ukraine refused to get involved — and it could be the only reason why the DNC isn’t now guilty of actual collusion.

“The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington D.C., and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC involvement later,” Chaly said in a statement.

The statement continued: “We were surprised to see Alexandra’s interest in Mr. Paul Manafort’s case. It was her own cause. The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in any way, as we were convinced that this is a strictly U.S. domestic matter.”

The revelation comes after the Mueller report cleared Trump claims that he somehow colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

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