Veteran Dies Under VA ‘Care’ — President Trump Has Had Enough

June 07, 2018Jun 07, 2018

Americans across the country have been perpetually horrified at the stories of improper care given to veterans at VA hospitals. In some tragic cases, the inadequate care can lead to death.

A new lawsuit filed in federal court on Friday alleges staff at the Kansas City Medical Center improperly inflated a catheter inside a military veteran’s penis, causing a blood infection, the Kansas City Star reported. The man ultimately died due to the blood infection.

The military veteran, Gilbert Harris, was reportedly suffering from a bladder infection due to multiple sclerosis when he visited the VA facility in May of 2016.

It’s stories like this that led President Donald Trump to take action to ensure the heroes who sacrifice so much for America are taken care of when they return home.

On Wednesday, Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018, a historic bill that aims to transform the Department of Veterans Affairs into an efficient and well-oiled machine that serves veterans in the way they deserve.

“Four years ago, our entire Nation was shocked and outraged by stories of the VA system plagued by neglect, abuse, fraud, and mistreatment of our veterans," Trump said in a statement. "With us today are many brave veterans who endured that grave injustice, including Steve Cooper and Laura Vela. They served their country with honor, only to be denied the medical treatment they desperately needed.”

Under the bill, veterans will have the right to go to a private doctor if the VA is unable to provide quality care in a "timely manner,” Trump explained.

There are five main things that the VA Mission Act of 2018 accomplishes, according to the White House:

1. Consolidates and strengthens the VA’s community care programs;

2. Funds the existing Veterans Choice program to ensure veterans continue to receive care through the Choice program until the new, consolidated Veterans Community Care Program takes effect;

3. Creates new flexibilities to aid the VA in managing its infrastructure portfolio through an Asset and Infrastructure review process;

4. Expands the Caregivers program to include eligible veterans from all eras of service;

5. Strengthens the VA’s workforce.

“This is truly a historic moment, historic time for our country. I’ll be signing landmark legislation to provide healthcare choice—what a beautiful word that is, ‘choice’—and freedom to our amazing veterans,” Trump said.

It’s long overdue that America starts taking better care of its military veterans.

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