Video Captures Man Smashing Trump’s Star, Liberals Make a Mockery of His Failed ‘Protest’

July 26, 2018Jul 26, 2018

For 24-year-old Austin Clay, the man who turned himself in for vandalizing President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Wednesday, his act was a form of protest or disrespect. But now his actions are being seen as an utter failure, especially as other Trump critics are speaking out against what he did.

A newly released video captured his senseless act:

Police charged Clay with vandalism, according to the Daily Mail. His bail was set at $20,000, which will reportedly be paid by James Otis, a man who smashed Trump’s star with a pickaxe in 2016.

While Clay is receiving some accolades for his act, other Trump critics walking past the shattered remains of the president’s star excoriated him for doing it. CBS Los Angeles said the majority of people they questioned felt it was a terrible way to protest Trump.

“It’s actually vandalism at this point,” said one passerby. “It’s one thing to protest, but it’s another thing to destroy private property.”

“Whether you like the man or not, it’s entirely inconsequential,” another expressed. “You don’t do that to the Walk of Fame.”

Another failure of Clay’s actions is that Trump is not even having to foot the bill to replace the star. The Hollywood Historic Trust, a nonprofit organization based in the largely liberal city, will pay the $30,000 needed to replace it.

On top of that, the star will soon be replaced. Repair work is already well under way.

Before crews even started their work, British-born actor Gregg Donovan guarded the remains of the star while holding a Trump 2020 sign and talking to people who were taking photos of the destruction.

“This is a California landmark. He’s our president,” Donovan told reporters. “Whoever did this, it was wrong. This is the second time, so something has to be done.”

Watch the full report below:

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