Video: Trump Sprints Over to Thank Law Enforcement Officers for Their Service

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018

It’s been quite the busy past few days for President Donald Trump. Between negotiating peace with North Korea, MS-13 deportations, Melania Trump’s surgery, and other presidential duties, Trump has had his hands full.

After a roundtable discussion of MS-13 with the Department of Homeland Security in Bethpage, New York, Trump headed to the Marine One after a long day’s work. That’s when he spotted a group of law enforcement officers off to the side.

Watch the video below to see what happened next:

In the video, you can see Trump in an all-out sprint once he spots the officers. Keep in mind that at 71 years old, Donald Trump is the oldest president to ever be elected to office.

The video was shared on Twitter by Dan Scavino Jr., the Director of Social Media for the Trump administration.

His post read, “POTUS Donald Trump loves our law enforcement officers all around the country, as seen here with New York State Police and Nassau County Police on his way to the Marine One in Bethpage, New York.”

The very next day, Trump was at it again. After giving a commencement speech at the US Naval Academy graduation, the president decided to stay afterward and shake every single graduate’s hand.

All 1,100 graduates.

“I was given an option. I could make this commencement address, which is a great honor for me, and immediately leave and wave goodbye. Or I could stay and shake hands with just the top 100. Or I could stay for hours and shake the hands with 1,100 and something,” said Trump. “What should I do?”

“Stay! I’ll stay, I’ll stay,” said Trump after the crowd cheered him on.

Even though mainstream media channels attempt to dehumanize Trump as much as possible, he still proves people wrong on a daily basis.

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