Walmart Caught Selling ‘Impeach 45’ Clothing — Now America Is Pushing Back

July 03, 2018Jul 03, 2018

UPDATE AT 5:22 P.M. EASTERN — Walmart is removing the anti-Trump T-shirts in response to the boycott, according to MarketWatch. They said the items were being offered by an outside seller through their marketplace, and they are now reviewing their marketplace policies.


President Trump supporters are letting their wallets do the talking after Walmart decided to take a piledriving political stand by selling anti-Trump shirts, even for infants and toddlers.

The T-shirts by Old Glory, City Shirts, and Teespring bear the messages “Impeach 45” or “45 You’re Fired” in reference to our 45th president. Aside from being available in men's and women's sizes, they’re offered in youth, toddler, and infant sizes as well so that your little tyke can become a political billboard, too, whether they grow up to share your political views or not.

As a result, #BoycottWalmart has started to trend, according to Fox News. Boycotters are expressing their displeasure with Arkansas-based Walmart while Trump critics are acknowledging that the company puts a lot of thought into their product selection.

Interestingly enough, by noon Eastern, the links the anti-Trump T-shirts no longer worked. The items suddenly became unavailable for purchase on the site.

Walmart does sell numerous pro- and anti-Trump shirts on its website, but calling for his impeachment in sizes for the whole family is by far their strongest political statement as of late. A search for Obama T-shirts does result in a couple mild jabs at the former president, but by in large, the shirts are positive and include a lot of messages like “Miss me yet?” “Still my guy,” and “Make Obama president again.”

It’s not the first time America’s largest retailer has sold partisan clothing that has stirred controversy on either side of the political aisle. They’ve sold Black Lives Matter apparel, Blue Lives Matter merchandise, and All Lives Matter tees.

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