Watch: 8-Year-Old AOC Impersonator Absolutely Nails It, You’ll Laugh So Hard

April 25, 2019Apr 25, 2019

Ouch! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is getting mocked by an 8-year-old! And what this little girl has to say is so funny because it strikes so close to the truth.

8-year-old Ana Martinez, who bears a striking resemblance to the 29-year-old, acted out the part of the young congresswoman complete with AOC-style glasses and lipstick, according to the New York Post.

While it’s unlikely she wrote all of her own lines, Martinez acted them out incredibly. And what she said was downright laugh-out-loud hilarious.

“Like, I’m Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC,” she began. “And, like, I want to talk about, like, climate change. Because, like, there’s no doubt cow farts are making the climate change.”

“Like, in July, the climate was 96 degrees, and in February, the climate was 36 degrees,” she continued. “OMG, like that’s a huge change in the climate in only...four months!”

“Like, at this rate, the world is going to end in exactly 12 years,” she added. “And, like, I’m only 29 years old now, so the world will be over when I’m only 37 years old!”

After making her second intentional math error, Martinez moved away from AOC’s Green New Deal and onto her socialist messaging.

“Like, I also want to talk about socialism because socialism is so amazing!” the young impersonator exclaimed. “Like, socialism is actually short for social media.”

“Did you know that?” she asked her viewers. “Like, I use social media, so I’m a socialist, and like three of the most successful countries in the world are socialist, too.

“Venezuela, Facebook, and Twitter are all very successful socialist countries.”

Her stepdad, Salvatore Schachter, was shocked at how much attention the video has gotten — almost 700,000 views in a week in just one tweet, not counting all the reposts.

“I thought it would gain attention, because she’s adorable, but not like this,” Schachter said. “She loves acting. She’s just a natural performer.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez went on a tirade against a sexist Republican...only to be soon told he was actually a Democrat. Whoops.

In other AOC news, her Justice Democrats PAC is trashing Joe Biden up and down the block after he officially announced he’s running for president.

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