WATCH: Trump Leaves Acosta SILENT After Claim That He 'Created' Crisis at Border

February 15, 2019Feb 15, 2019

President Donald Trump clashed with CNN’s Jim Acosta over his national emergency declaration during a press conference on Friday.

Acosta told the president that he believes in “facts” before confronting him about his decision to declare a national emergency to secure the border.

“What do you say to your critics who say you are creating a national emergency?” Acosta asked.

Trump response left Acosta silent.

"Ask the Angel Moms,” Trump said, gesturing to the Angel Moms in attendance. “Do you think I'm creating something? Ask these incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons.”

Trump added: ”Your question is a very political one, because you have an agenda. You are CNN. You are fake news.”

Watch the tense moment below:

Trump also battled reporter Brian Karem when he refused to ask only one question. The exchange occurred after Karem asked Trump where he gets his immigration stats — but then tried to squeeze in a second question.

“No, no, you get one. Sit down! Sit down, you get one question,” Trump said.

Watch the exchange below:

After Democrats refused to provide funds to secure the border, Trump took matters into his own hands.

“President Trump will sign the government funding bill, and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action - including a national emergency - to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

The statement continued: “The President is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country.”

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