Watch: Border Patrol Chief Flattens Democrat Who Insists There’s No Crisis

March 11, 2019Mar 11, 2019

There’s no border crisis. There’s no border crisis. There’s no border crisis.

That’s been the mantra of Democrats and some in the mainstream media as they insist President Trump’s proposed border wall is completely unnecessary and, if built, won’t do much of anything to help protect our country.

Image by Barry Bahler/DHS

U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP] Commissioner Kevin McAllen went head-to-head with one of those Democrats at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct.) repeatedly demanded to know from McAllen if he has recommended that Trump declare a national emergency so the president would have the authorization to devote more money to securing the southern border.

McAllen replied, “I recommended that we ask for more agents, more border security barrier, more technology.”

“But that’s been a continuing ask,” Blumenthal shot back. “Nothing about that ask constitutes saying we have a national emergency.”

But the Border Patrol commissioner responded, “I believe it’s becoming more terms of the numbers of crossings, in terms of the illicit narcotics that are coming increasingly between ports of entry.”

“Well, but, the illicit narcotics are coming primarily still through the ports of entry,” the Democratic senator tried to claim.

“That’s where our seizures are made,” McAllen corrected him, implying that plenty of drugs come in where the border is not secure and are not seized.

“The numbers of border crossings are still a historic low compared to times in our nation’s history,” Blumenthal then tried to claim.

“No, senator, they’re not,” McAllen shot back. “We’re on pace for over 700,000 crossings this year. That’s closer to historic highs than historic lows.”

“Which high?” the senator countered.

“We had a million in 2006. That’s the high water mark in the modern era of CBP,” the commissioner explained. “We’re much closer to that than the 300,000 number if we get to [the] 750,000 crossings that we’re on pace for.”

The past few years, illegal border crossings have averaged just under 500,000.

“That’s only if get to 700,000,” Blumenthal argued, seeming to suggest he believed the number of illegal crossings this year would suddenly plummet.

“More migrants are crossing this year,” the New York Times wrote in a pieced published one day before the hearing. They cited CBP numbers that showed that 114,436 people have been caught illegally crossing the border in just January and February of this year.

McAllen simply pointed to the increasing numbers at the end of last year and the start of this year and said this problem is “potentially worsening.”

Watch that exchange below:

Featured image by Donna Burton/DHS

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