WATCH: CNN Host Suffers Anti-Trump Meltdown When GOP Guest Humiliates Her On-Air

August 29, 2018Aug 29, 2018

CNN invited former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu on “New Day” on Monday to discuss the life and legacy of Sen. John McCain, who passed away following a battle with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

However, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota’s true intentions soon became clear when she repeatedly attempted to bait Sununu into bashing President Trump.

No matter how many times Sununu politely explained he appeared on CNN to talk about McCain, Camerota somehow turned the conversation back to Trump.

Camerota first asked Sununu about a Washington Post report that claims Trump rejected plans to release a White House statement honoring McCain. It's hard to believe as the White House did release a statement honoring McCain.

“That was printed in the Washington Post. And I have to be honest with you, I don’t give much credence to what I read—“ Sununu said before he was interrupted by the CNN anchor.

“We also have that reporting,” Camerota interjected.

“Yeah, well, same thing applies, Alisyn,” Sununu shot back.

That comment is what sparked a tense exchange between the two.

Watch the full video below:

“Governor,” you come on CNN, and we appreciate you coming on CNN and we appreciate your take on it. But I don’t appreciate you denigrating our reporting," she said. “We have excellent reporters here.”

From that point on, Camerota tried relentlessly to get Sununu to attack Trump's response to McCain’s death, but the former GOP governor refused to take the bait. His refusal to play the political game just made CNN seem petty and exploitive.

“You asked me to come on to talk about John McCain,” he said. “I’m here to talk about John McCain as I remember him. I’m not here to talk about the press’s handling of a difference between the White House and the press corps at this time,” he said.

When Camerota still relented, Sununu got more blunt in his response.

“Well, I'm here to talk about my friend John McCain. You appear to be here to talk about something you can exploit, and I find that rather unpleasant,” he added.

And CNN still wonders why the American people don't trust them.

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