Watch: CNN Shocked When They Run into Latinos Praising Trump’s Wall

March 19, 2019Mar 19, 2019

CNN got a big shock when they ran into Latinos on the U.S. side of the border who are praising President Trump’s goal of building a completed wall.

About one-third of Hispanic registered voters approve of the overall job the president is doing, a number that seems quite high considering how much Democrats and the mainstream media have tried to paint Trump as racist and uncaring.

But the reality is, many Latinos don’t see Trump the way liberals want them to, and they agree with the president that there is a national crisis on the border that needs to be addressed.

CNN reporter Miguel Marquez discovered that when he visited McAllen, Texas, a border city that has been the focus of the national security debate.

Talking to a Hispanic man who was born and raised in Texas and lives just a mile from the short, existing border fence, the reporter asked Rolando Rodriguez if he wants the barrier to be improved.

“Longer, and taller, yes,” he replied. “Twice as much, at least. 2,600 miles [long].”

“I don’t think the wall is going to be a barrier really for the good people,” he added. “It will be a barrier for the bad people.”

“Rolando Rodriguez is one of those [Latinos] who appreciates the president’s business acumen, religious alignment, and border politics, particularly the wall,” the CNN reporter acknowledged in a voice-over.

The reporter also spoke with Mayra Gutierrez, who is a legal immigrant working on her citizenship.

Acknowledging she can’t vote for Trump because she’s not a citizen, she added, “Not yet.”

“Gutierrez came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was three. She is working toward getting her citizenship in hopes of voting for the president come 2020,” Marquez continued in his voice-over. “Her top three issues: abortion, the economy, and immigration.”

“We do have a lot of problems here with immigration, and I do support his stance for the wall,” Gutierrez told the CNN reporter.

“Trump-supporting Latinos here say the president has more support than many are willing to admit,” Marquez said in his voice-over.

Joacim Hernandez, president of the Hidalgo County Young Republicans, says the president draws crowds when he visits the area, and he has little doubt that Hispanics will help Trump win in 2020.

Watch the three-and-a-half minute CNN piece below:

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