Watch: College Students Shocked that Illegal Aliens Get Cheaper Tuition, Argue Against It

April 10, 2019Apr 10, 2019

Liberal college students often love the idea of making other people pay for things, but they suddenly sound downright conservative when they find out they’re having to unfairly pay more for something than someone else.

Public colleges and universities in the U.S. typically charge students a pricier tuition if they’re coming from outside the state. Why? Because they — and their parents — haven’t been paying the taxes that help fund that state’s institutions of higher education.

But now, 18 states are offering cheaper in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, even though they’re not in the state — or the country — legally. And that actually violates a Clinton-era law, according to an immigration expert and legal analyst who explained the law in a piece published in the National Review.

Many college students aren’t even aware that illegal immigrants are being given a financial leg up. Conservative college watchdog group Campus Reform discovered that when they interviewed students on camera recently at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

The students’ reactions when they found out were priceless.

“That’s disappointing,” said one young man after being told that 18 states offer illegal aliens lower tuition rates. “I did quite a bit to earn my college. Those costs have to be recouped in some way by the people who actually pay full tuition.”

“What do you get for living here all your life legally instead of coming in here illegally?” wondered another student. “I don’t think that’s fair.”

“That’s crazy. I didn’t know that,” said another young man before calling it unfair and revealing that he wasn’t able to get into the schools he wanted to get into because out-of-state tuition was too costly.

“Let’s say I went to California and they [an illegal immigrant] came from here [Nevada] as well, why do they get to pay less while I get to pay more?” asked a female student.

“I’d be kind of angry,” said another female student about how she’d react if she learned that an illegal alien had paid less than her to get into an out-of-state college. “I wanted to go to Florida, but then I was like, ‘it’s expensive,’ and if someone can get in-state tuition and I can’t, that’s kind know.”


“I couldn’t go to those [other] states and pay in-state [tuition], so I feel it should be equal for everyone if that’s going to be the rule,” said a male student.

Out-of-state tuition, on average, is $9,000 more than in-state tuition a year, according to a study published by George Washington University, based on 2010-2011 semester numbers.

Asked why it’s unfair, a student hesitantly replied, “Because they’re not here legally, and then the people that are here legally, I guess, deserve it more.”

“Being a legal citizen, I pay my taxes, I pay my fair share,” pointed out another student. “I’m a college student, and I have to put my investment in. And someone else who comes here, perhaps illegally...that doesn’t seem fair.”

Watch the man-on-the-street interviews below:

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