Watch: FBI Agent Who Helped Nab ‘Unabomber’ Says Democrat Could Have Sent Bombs

October 25, 2018Oct 25, 2018

The news this week of numerous package bombs being addressed to highly influential Democrats and CNN headquarters sparked memories of “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski’s 17-year reign of terror for many Americans. Now one of the FBI agents who helped put him away in 1996 is commenting on this new spate of terrorism.

In case you’ve lost count, eight locations have received the non-detonated suspicious packages as of 3 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.

Retired FBI profiler and forensic linguist James Fitzgerald spoke with Fox News and explained the peculiarities he noticed with some of the packages the bombs were sent in.

He said the package sent to “John Brenan” via CNN “looked very much like some of the ‘Unabomber’s’ old mailings, and that is the overstamped aspect of it in the right corner.”

“But the linguist in me noticed that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, that last name is spelled missing a ‘c’ and John Brennan’s name is missing an ‘n,’ and I have a feeling that was done on purpose to make it look like somebody who doesn’t really know these people are — that wasn’t an honest mistake,” Fitzgerald observed.

Brennan is a former CIA director who served under President Obama. Schultz is the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention. Several of the packages had her address as the return address, and she ended up receiving one of them intended for former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder because of a wrong address. She is not considered a suspect in the case.

“If he [the bomber] had this much anger and vitriol against these people, you’d think he’d know how to spell those names,” he added.

When asked if he believed multiple people were involved, Fitzgerald replied that “almost all bombers in the past have been single bombers” and that a “mass bomber” like this who sends all his packages at once is highly unusual among bombers.

And then he got into some territory many Democrats and mainstream media figures would be horrified by.

Fitzgerald suggested that the bomber may not be a conservative Trump supporter motivated by the president’s, as Democratic leaders and the mainstream media immediately implied on Wednesday.

“These devices were either made or sent by a right-wing guy who doesn’t like the Dems,” he began, “and we can’t rule out international aspects to this. Russians messed with our 2016 elections just using Facebook. Could they have done this?”

And then he said, “But of course the other one [possibility] is that ‘false flag.’ And there could be someone in there, some Democrat, low-level person — I’m not suggesting anyone on the top — who just decided, ‘You know what? I’m going to put this out because two weeks before a major election, because who is going to look like the bad guy here? The Republicans.’”

Quite the vicious “October surprise” for all concerned.

Fitzgerald also added that he would be surprised if the bomber soon sends out “some sort of a letter or social media aspect, a videotape, or something of the equivalent of that comes in the mail — DVD, whatever — that claims responsibility for that.”

“This person had a point they wanted to make with these devices, and, quite frankly, they’ve made 'em.”

According to CNN, investigators are looking at Florida as a strong possibility for where the packages originated from.

Watch the four-minute interview below:

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