Watch How Phil Robertson Responds When Interviewer Tells Him He’s an Atheist

April 04, 2019Apr 04, 2019

Former “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson was in the middle of a lively interview when the interviewer, comedian Andrew Heaton, informed him that he was, in fact, an atheist.

Robertson, who is a devout Christian, handled it perfectly.

“I’m just saying it’s your call,” Robertson said. “You’ve got to think about it like this… Yes, I love you. You are my fellow human being, man. I have to love you.”

He continued: “You say, ‘What if I don’t like you?’ I still love you. ‘What if I curse you, Phil?’ I don’t care, I still love you.”

Robertson said Americans must step away from all the “vitriol” and “hatred” running rampant right now.

“Look at a mistake-free God in a mistake-free human body, Jesus,” Robertson added. “Look what they did to him.”

He went on to quote the Bible, telling the story of when Jesus told his disciples that they are to forgive those who sin against them, the famous “seventy times seven” lesson.

Watch the video below:

Robertson has handled fame and fortune unlike any other Hollywood star. He does not consume or interact on social media. He continues to live in the woods and records a simple show on BlazeTV, where he offers Biblical and moral teachings.

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from Phil.

Meanwhile, celebrities like Alyssa Milano are busy defending abortion. She even went as far as to use God and quote the Bible to justify her support of killing unborn babies.

"I love God. I believe in God," she tweeted. "But I don’t believe my personal beliefs of which we can’t confirm should override scientific facts and what we can confirm."

She added: "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? John 3:12."

That is truly sick. Pray for them.

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