Watch: Liberal Students Say AOC is Face of Dems, But They’re Not Thrilled About it

March 18, 2019Mar 18, 2019

It’s common to think that Millennials — especially college students — are drooling over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

But man-on-the-street interviews with liberals student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. revealed that while many young people think she’s the face of the Democratic party, they’re not all thrilled about it.

That’s what Campus Reform discovered when they asked students if they think the young socialist or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) represents Democrats these days.

“I would probably choose Cortez,” one young man said when asked to pick. “Just because she’s new, she’s fresh.”

He added that he thinks Pelosi “should not necessary step aside but she should be involved still but just know that the future is coming and something’s coming to change.”

A young woman picked AOC as the face of the party, too, but said “it’s so crucial that we work across the aisle. I’m sick of both parties being so polarized because I think that this nation fails when both parties aren’t willing to cooperate.”

“Definitely work with Trump,” she added.

“I think, unfortunately, Ocasio-Cortez is probably the face of the Democratic party,” another young man confessed.

“I think it’s AOC. I sort of wish it weren’t,” said a female student. “But I do think we’re going in that direction.”

Another young woman felt that Ocasio-Cortez represented Democrats now, too, “just because” she’s 29 and “has branded herself as a socialist, which I feel a lot of people wouldn’t be receptive to.”

Emphasizing Ocasio-Cortez’ extremism, a female student remarked, “I think she’s a little stronger [than Pelosi]. She’s got the people. We’re in a time of extremes. She’s pulling pretty far to the left.”

One young man felt that Pelosi still “holds the reins” of the party, and a young woman expressed the same, saying, “Ocasio-Cortez is a little bit just too extreme for the left.”

Watch their responses in the three-minute video below:

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