WATCH: Trump, Pence Participate in National Day of Prayer Service

May 02, 2019May 02, 2019

President Trump and First Lady Melania, along with Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen, are participating in a National Day of Prayer service at the White House on Thursday.

Pence opened the service in the Rose Garden by saying, "The Bible tells us to be faithful in prayer, and that the effective and fervent prayers of a righteous people availeth much. And since the founding of this nation, the American people have believed in prayer."

"It is the thread that runs through every era of American history," he continued. "In 1775, the Continental Congress established a day of fasting and prayer. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, from these very grounds, urged Americans to pray, so that in his words, 'The united cry of the nation would be heard on high and answered with blessing."

"In 1952, President Harry Truman and the Congress established this National Day of Prayer and set aside each year for the American people to turn to God in prayer and meditation," Pence added. "Ever since then, every president has issued a proclamation in honor of this great tradition, and President Donald Trump continues that tradition today."

The vice president then emphasized how this administration believes in prayer and revealed that Trump opens "every cabinet meeting in prayer."

"In fact, he is, at this moment in time, one of only four presidents in American history who have issued multiple proclamations calling the American people to prayer in a single year," he said.

Melania then took to the podium and offered a brief prayer of peace and blessing to the nation.

"Thank you, Melania, for the great job you do as first lady," the president said as he spoke next. "Wherever I go, people love you."

He then asked the nation to pray for "the people of Venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom" before welcoming guests and leaders of various faiths represented at the gathering. 

Trump told the crowd that prayer and "freedom go hand-in-hand" and declared America "one nation under God."

Watch the event below:

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