Watch: Major Conservative Star Calls Jim Acosta a ‘Clown’ and ‘Drama Queen’

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

Conservative political pundit Mark Levin had some harsh words for the media’s strong anti-Trump bias, especially for news media members such as CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Levin made an appearance on Hannity to voice his displeasure.

Hear what he had to say in the video below.

“Over 65 million people, give or take, voted for Donald Trump for president of the United States. I wrote this down. Various press outlets, reporters, hosts or their guests, have called millions and millions of Americans Nazis, racists, deranged, cultists, deplorables and even worse,” said Levin.

“How do the press in this country justify calling tens of millions of people such outrageous names?” he continued. “The D.C. press corps today is the least professional press corps in my lifetime.”

“They think that their job is to make it impossible for the president to function, to sabotage him and to advance the cause of the ideologues, to advance the cause of a rogue prosecutor by the name of Mueller,” he said. “And so the press really needs to be circumspect, take a look at itself. It won’t.”

“As long as they keep putting clowns like Jim Acosta out there, who is a drama queen of sorts, and who like to report on themselves and talk about themselves, ...this is going to be the reaction of the American people.”

At a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to give a live report from the rally, but the enthusiastic crowd had other ideas. Chants of “CNN sucks!” broke out as Acosta did his report.

Acosta was flustered by the chants but still managed to continue on with his report.

Watch it all unfold in the video below.

Acosta later complained about the press being labeled as the enemy of the people and even walked out Thursday’s White House press briefing in protest.

“I’m tired of this,” said Acosta. “It is not right. It is not fair. It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people, and Ivanka Trump knows that. I don’t know why her father doesn’t."

Eric Trump also made an appearance on Hannity on Thursday and addressed Acosta’s latest antics.

Here is what he had to say.

“So they spew nonsense all day and then little Jim Acosta gets, you know, belittled at a rally, and all of the sudden ‘I’m holier than’ – I mean it’s really incredible,” Trump said.

“I’ve been threatened, our family’s been threatened, all of us. We’ve all had white powder show up at our house,” he continued. “And by the way there’s no moral outrage about that.”

“And you know what, you know how much it was reported, that comment of Melania, which was one of the truly most disgusting, you know what they said about it? Nothing,” he added. “You know who the only person who actually really came to Melania’s bat was Laura Ingraham.”

“CNN sucks. The problem with them, and I try to give them advice, of course they’re not going to listen,” Hannity replied. “But it’s sort of like the media, they never thought he could win, they mocked that he was running, he beat sixteen other people, he beat the Hillary Clinton machine."

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